Production Capability

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Production Capability

Production Capability

-Production Ability-

.Dimension: OD 1mm ~ 32mm round bar
.Tolerance ±0.007mm (or smaller, it depends on the material)
Production Capability

-Material Selection-

.Stainless Steel: SS 303cu, SS 416F, SS 430F
.Brass: C3600, C3604
.Aluminum: 2011T3, 6061T6, 6082, 7075T6
.Steel:S45C, SCM415, SCM415L
.Free Cutting Steel: 1144, 12L14, 1215ms

Production Capability

-Surface Finishes-            

.Black Oxide
.Zn-Ni alloy plated CR3+
Zinc Plated CR3+

-Value Added Services-
. Assembly-
We can work with you to pre-assemble product at our facility to save time on your assemblies.

. Bar Coding-
We can tailor fit your bar coding needs, and the bar cord will help you scan the shipments into inventory more efficiency in your warehouse.

. Kitting-
We can take your bill of materials and package items together to provide production ready kits for streamline your procurement cost, and speed up the manufacturing cycle.

. Special Packaging- Bag and Tag-
We can deliver your parts packaged and labeled according to your unique demand for helping on reducing material handling cost and management cost.